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Tretford Tile - Aegean 614

Tretford Carpets

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Quick Overview

Tretford tile is manufactured from carded goat hair fibres formed into a continuous corrugation and bonded to a PVC backing. 70% of Tretford carpet tile fibres come from Cashmere goat hair from Mongolia , which is incredibly durable, unexpectedly soft and is inherently anti-static. The goat hair used in Tretford carpet comes from hairs that are too course to use in Cashmere cloth but are exceptional for carpet manufacture.

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Product Details


Pricing may vary depending on larger quantities - call 0508 202122 for price points

Pile Height: ca 5mm

Total Weight: ca 5kg/m sup2;

Total Height: ca 8mm

Colour Fastness to Light: (BS 1006:1990) 5

Thermal Resistance: 1.76 togs

Sound Absorption (NRC): 0.21 (250-2,000 Hz)

Flammability: Euroclass C fl ndash; s1 (B1)

Suitable for use with underfloor heating: Yes

Tretford is also available in broadloom & rug format.

Warranties include Wear Guarantee and a Lifetime Anti-Ravel/Non-Zipper Guarantee.

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