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We always love to hear from our customers and are glad to answer any queries you might have. But before we do, please check on this page if your query has already been answered, and if not, please give us a call on our toll free number 0508 20 21 22 or email us at admin@floorwise.co.nz and we will be more than happy to help you.


General Queries :

Does Floorwise Ltd. offer an Installation Warranty?
Yes we offer a minimum of 12-month installation warranty on all projects.

Will Floorwise Ltd. send samples?

Yes we will do our best to send you samples of our products.

Does Floorwise Ltd. guarantee its products?

All products supplied by Floorwise Ltd. come with a guarantee.

Could Floorwise Ltd. give previous Project References?

Yes we are able to give some previous project references on request.

Would Floorwise Ltd. travel for projects to remote locations?

Yes we can travel for projects to any remote location in New Zealand.


Estimation Queries :

What type of Flooring Estimation do you offer?
Floorwise Ltd. specialises in both commercial and residential flooring and also has an online cost estimating system which is very accurate and if any customer is unable to use the same, we could come to your location.

Can you split the area for multiple stages / phases?

Yes large projects can be split in multiple phases / stages.

Do you take blueprints or can I send hand drawings?

Yes, we can accept both but provided the measurements given are accurate.

Could you tell us the best format for sending our plans to Floorwise Ltd.?

The best format would be a hard copy or an electronic format on a CD.

If plans are not to scale, can you scale them?

Yes it can be done as long as the measurements given are accurate.

What do we need to send you to estimate the project?

Cost Estimations for the project can be achieved by using our online Estimation Module. For the remaining time estimations, we will estimate it for you based on the other details and plans submitted by you.

What reports will I receive?

You will receive the quotes as soon the plans are measured.

If the carpet has odd shapes, pattern repeats, circles, borders, can you estimate that?
Yes we have extensive experience in carpet laying and estimating.

What if there are some changes to the flooring layout or materials?
We will re-estimate / re-quote your project based on the new changes.


Quotes and Pricing Queries :

Does Floorwise Ltd. provide an upfront FREE quote?
Yes our online Estimation Module can give you a FREE quote for any product with a price on it. In case a product is showing $0.00 pricing, please get in touch with us on our Toll Free number 0508 20 21 22 and we will update the pricing.

What are the payment methods we can access and can we pay you direct using a credit card? ?

You can pay on line with paypal or you can direct bank money to our account. Cheque and cash are also accepted.


Guarantee Queries :

What does Floorwise Ltd. guarantee?
We provide a guarantee that our Estimations and quotes are accurate based on the measurements given, the products and brands we use are of the best quality and the servicewe give would be to the customer's complete satisfaction.

What are the Terms of Agreement?

Please refer to our Business Policies page for a thorough understanding of our Terms of Agreement.