Whether you’re building a new home, renovating or extending, the team at New Zealand’s leading flooring experts Floorwise have put together this quick guide to help you choose the right flooring materials for each room in your home.

Your hallway is going to see a lot of foot traffic, so the flooring here needs to be hardwearing and low-maintenance. “It is also often going to be the first space that guests to your home will see so it needs to work to set the theme for the rest of the house,” says Seamus Lynch, Director at Floorwise.

The living room is one of the most used rooms in the home due to its versatile space that can cater for relaxing or entertaining. “In the living room or lounge your choice of flooring should be both practical and durable with carpet and wood being the most common choice,” adds Seamus.

As the place where you relax and rejuvenate the flooring in your bedroom needs to evoke a sense of comfort and calm. Carpet is a fantastic choice for the bedroom as it softer, warmer feel underfoot which is very noticeable first thing in the morning. Wood is another trendy option for bedrooms. While this material is not as soft to walk on as carpets are and can be noisier it can be softened with the use of strategically placed rugs.

The kitchen is often known as the heart of the home and often receives high footfall in repeat areas This, plus the very real chance of accidental of food spillage and stains, means that your new kitchen will need long lasting and low-maintenance flooring. Vinyl is a great flooring option for your kitchen for those reasons. “Vinyl floors are a practical and hygienic solution for kitchens,” adds Seamus.

Due to being constantly exposed to water your bathroom flooring needs to be slip resistant and waterproof. Being water resistant with allergy-free properties and having insulation with a soft comfortable feel underfoot, vinyl floors are a popular choice for Bathrooms.

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