We always love to hear from our customers and are glad to answer any queries you might have. Please feel free to contact us on our toll-free number 0508 202 122 or email admin@floorwise.co.nz and we will be more than happy to help you.

Guarantee FAQs

Does Floorwise NZ guarantee their quotations?

Yes, we guarantee our quotations based on the information provided.

What are the Terms of Agreement?

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions included in your Quotation.

General FAQs

Does Floorwise NZ offer an Installation Warranty?


Will Floorwise NZ send samples?

Yes, we will organise for the supplier to send them directly to you where possible.

Are Floorwise NZ products guaranteed?


Could Floorwise NZ give previous Project References?

Yes, on request.

Would Floorwise NZ travel for projects?

Yes, dependent on the location.

Quotation FAQs

What type of Flooring Quotations do you offer?

Floorwise NZ offers both commercial and residential flooring quotations available online, at our showroom or we could come to your location.

Can my installation be completed in stages?

Yes, please discuss directly before quotation.

Are you able to provide a quotation using my house plans?


If plans are not to scale, can you scale them?


How will I receive my Quotation?

You will receive your quotation by email or a hard copy by request.

What if there are some changes to the flooring layout or materials?

We will re-quote your project based on the changes.

Quotes And Pricing FAQs

Does Floorwise NZ provide an upfront FREE quotation?


What are my payment options?

Online, Direct Credit, Eftpos, Credit Cards, Q-Card and cash are also accepted.